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To fulfil its commitment, Findel Aviation has built up a partnership of highly skilled services.




iPhone, iPad, iTouch app.

100% paperless and always up to date, the cockpit is connected to the maintenance operations.

Data entering control

Human errors are minimized as the app can control if data is consistent.

Drastically time saving

Improves operational communication chain efficiency. Get your crews & technical staff connected, and minimize human errors.

Synchronize your device and work offline as long as required.

Free on the AppStore

Unlimited number of devices, just enter your credentials and get started.



Heli-Riviera is based in Cannes and offers a complete support environment for pilots.


The pilot office is equipped with flight planning tools, Wi-Fi access, rest areas, shower and kitchen facilities, and experienced multilingual staff with helicopter operations expertise.


Global HeliYacht Operations: Heli-Riviera is a world leader in coordinating global helicopter operations with yachts and villas. Whether clients require all-year-round support or just short-term assistance for chartered helicopter operations, Heli-Riviera has flexible support packages which offer great value for money.


Private Jet & Helicopter Operations: Heli-Riviera is based in Cannes Mandelieu Airport and offers an international service to its clients. The company realises the importance of personal customer service and aims to exceed expectations, closely liaising with clients and operators. Heli-Riviera has managed thousands of flight hours worldwide.

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