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The process of constructing helipads involves skilled expertise regarding operations experience, engineering, documentation and technical ability. Safety is of utmost importance when designing a helipad and it is essential that the helipad provides a safe and efficient base for take-offs and landings.
Early project involvement can enable us to make major contributions to projects from the outset, saving both time and money.

We can also assist in the implementation of new procedures and the production of operations manuals.

Since several years we are involved in operations for helicopters which are based on yachts and we have built a network of suppliers we can propose for every step of the project: training organisations for deckhand, FBO, workshops,..etc.  We will gladly make you enjoy our experience


Findel Aviation possesses the expertise to be able to provide advice on the feasibility and operational capability of new projects.

For clients looking to purchase a helicopter, we can provide them with a pre-purchase inspection that assesses the helicopter’s technical condition and airworthiness compliance prior to purchase.

The evaluation consists of the following:

-  A visual inspection of the aircraft and a functional or operational inspection of systems.

- A maintenance records review, to confirm that the aircraft is being operated in accordance with its scheduled maintenance program and to airworthiness requirements, and if it complies with the airworthiness directives applicable to the aircraft.

Depending on the quality of the seller’s maintenance management, some aircraft may or may not be in an airworthy condition. This evaluation can prevent any disputes arising after purchase between the buyer and seller about what is airworthy and what is not.

C.A.M.O. / Part NCC / HELI-OPS

Blue Eye Training Organisation


Well-managed, timely maintenance and parts replacement is key to keeping aircraft running costs low and safety standards high.

We offer our customer a global solution complying with EASA rules.

Findel Aviation is an approved organization that can manage the airworthiness and maintenance requirements for private operations of a single aircraft/helicopter or for a fleet of Start-up airlines, or airlines with a limited number of aircraft who may wish to manage part of their fleet outside their standard system, to avoid complex, time consuming and uneconomic processes.

Findel Aviation can actively participate to management of operations that need to receive tailored services that take into account regulatory requirements Part NCC standards.

Findel Aviation is the approved training organisation for MRX SYSTEM for Blue Eye Software.


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