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Quality Manager 
Expert PPI

Since Renaud was a child, he has aspired to turn his passion into his profession


For the past 18 years, his role as technician and crew member has been based around the maintenance management of helicopters.


Through working as a Technical Representative for Eurocopter and at the heart of Agusta for many years, he is able to work and adapt to various types of clients, cultures and operations, both civilian and military and from different countries.


Renaud has in fact spent most of his career in a VVIP and presidential client base.


Renaud’s daily mission involves providing quality responses to highly specific requirements for atypical operations.

Accountable Manager
EASA E.I. Expert 
Christope MAILLARD  Airworthiness  Manager
Blue Eye Instructor

Fascinated by aeronautics from a young age, Christophe began his career in the French Air Force at 16 years old..


In the field of avionics, he had numerous key responsibilities including the implementation of systems on a range of aircraft such as fighter jets, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters, continually ensuring optimal efficiency. His career leads him as well to be involves in RAFALE Headquarter office.


After 21 years of duty and now well experienced in the complexity of combining flight safety, availability and customer satisfaction, Christophe is at the head of an airworthiness team that provides high quality services for VVIP clients looking to schedule their maintenance using highly modernised tools.

As a pilot and engineer with more than 40 years of experience in various European companies within the helicopter industry, Michel has held the position of Operations Manager and Technical Manager for 20 years


After starting his career in the French Air Force, Michel furthered his skills through working in civil aviation, public transport and the corporate industry.


Michel has held numerous prestigious positions, such as the Maintenance Manager and Helicopter Captain for the Prince of Monaco for 14 years.


The diversity of his experience allows Michel to provide clients with a highly efficient and reliable service.


“We are a dynamic organisation that is constantly growing. We will help you define your goals, develop tailor-made solutions – and make them happen! We look forward to meeting you”

Michel MERIAUX, Accountable Manager


Findel Aviation provides cost-effective CAMO services at a fixed price.


Our service is fully approved by the EASA and other regulatory boards such as the aviation registries of Aruba and the Isle of Man.


Our services ensure the integrity and security of records using the Blue Eye app, a powerful and user-friendly system which enables the client and aircrew to access and track the maintenance and aircraft potential of its fleet using an iPad/iPhone application.


Discretion is an intrinsic part of the service that we provide; business aviation should be kept private and protect the customer.

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